These are the official Johnny Rockets TV commercials for Dominican Republic. We tried for a 1950’s retro look with a great flare for the retro glossy smily feel. I hope we delivered! Enjoy!

United Brands and DIAGEO unite with renowned designer, Moises Quesada to create new T-shirts that support the possibilities of underprivileged youths who are in dire straits and need help raising money for a better education. This video was create to sympathize with the audience at Dominicana Moda 2012, to purchase these shirts to help support the cause “Learning for Life”. With each shirt sold, proceeds go directly to this fund, which gives poverty stricken kids, the chance to study and become better human beings, for themselves and their community.

This is the official promo for the ORO Night Club (Punta Cana) party, with Bob Sinclar. This is going to be an awesome party. If you have an event that would like to create a promo for, contact us.